Emoji suggestions


My phone keyboard gives emoji suggestions. I’ve only seen it documented as letting you type a word and giving you the emoji for it, as long as there’s a relatively direct mapping. But I’m pretty sure it can read at least a whole sentence at a time and reason about it.

Screenshots of emoji suggestions while typing. Left: suggestions for a directly related word, “confused,” with suggestions “😕” and “🤔.” Center: a word “tonight” without an obviously associated emoji with no suggsted emoji. Right: a sentence ending with “tonight” with suggested emojis that reasonably go with the sentence as a whole.

And I haven’t seen this suggestion-from-whole-sentence behavior documented, so here are my own experiments. Here, I’ve opened a notes app (Google Keep) and typed a sentence, with a space at the end. I’ve written each sentence to end with the word “tonight” to make sure this rules out suggestions based on the last word alone.


Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
have a good rest tonight 💕 😙
I hope you stub your toe tonight ☺️ 😉


Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
I’m tired tonight 😞 💤
I’m excited for tonight 😁 🙂

Going/not going

Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
I’ll be there tonight 😁 🙂
count me out for tonight 😁 🙂
I’m not going tonight 😕 😔
I’m staying home tonight - -
I want to stay home tonight 😿 😞
I don’t want to go tonight 😢 😔
I can’t go tonight 😭 😔


Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
your boss will be there tonight 😀 ☺️
your professor will be there tonight 😺 ☺️
your ex will be there tonight - -

Opinions on a common situation

Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
there are so many customers tonight 😁 ☺️
why are there so many customers tonight 😒 😂


Input Suggestion 1 Suggestion 2
we’re getting pizza tonight 😁 ☺️
we’re not getting pizza tonight 😭 😔
we’re all getting pizza tonight 😺 🐱

Experiment details

Collected on Gboard, “Personalize for you” off. I have not texted most of these things before, I swear.

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