Progress towards changing your desktop wallpaper without installing a karaoke captioning library


Last year in October, developers of GNOME Settings were moving the app to GTK 4, and they remarked that

Cheese is not ready for GTK4, and probably won’t ever be, so just drop the dependency. We’ll reimplement webcam support using PipeWire later.

With that, they removed the “Take a Picture” button in the user accounts panel along with the dependency on Cheese.

So now on Debian, it’s entirely possible to have GNOME Settings installed without the Cheese library, without GStreamer’s plugins, without any library designed for karaoke captioning.

However, somewhere else in the control panel there’s a media sharing setting which uses Rygel. It can disable that setting if you don’t have Rygel, but Debian nevertheless recommends that I have it. It looks like Rygel can handle HTTP video seeking while it’s in the middle of transcoding (🤷‍♀️), for which it uses GES, the GStreamer editing services library. And GES couldn’t possibly offer “Decoding and encoding to a wide variety of formats, through all the available GStreamer plugins” without, among those plugins, the one for karaoke captioning. So as it stands, I still have libkate1 installed.

Only I can’t take a picture of myself for my user account for the time being.

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