Hydra (Diablo 3 Season 25), simplified


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State machine for a Hydra build (Wizard) in Diablo 3, Season 25. Player actions are colored edges; other events are black edges. See below for description of state names. States in the “in combat” section range from light yellow for low damage output to dark green for high damage output. Damage output colormap is YlGn from ColorBrewer.

Used in this build:

Numerous other things also strengthen Hydra in a typical build, but they don’t affect this state machine (e.g. flat buffs to Hydra damage).

State names indicate:

  1. The number of Hydra heads alive, with an “H” prefix for Hydras in combat and “h” for Hydras out of combat. In cases where two Hydras are in different states or have different numbers of heads, they are listed separately with the most recently cast Hydra first.
  2. Whether the enemies are in a Blizzard, with a “b.” In this simplified model, casting Blizzard always leads to such a state. Just don’t miss. You’ll be fine, Blizzard is pretty big.
  3. The number of Flashes of Insight, with an “fi” prefix. These come from Arcane Dynamo, and I assume they’re more often called Arcane Dynamo stacks.
  4. The number of Spectral stacks, with an “s” prefix. In this simplified model, it increases as if you hit exactly 2 enemies with each cast of Electrocute while in combat (and you cast Electrocute twice per click).

Notable things not modeled:

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