Default branches at work


$ history | tee history.txt | wc -l
$ grep '  gi' history.txt | wc -l
$ grep '  gi' history.txt | grep main | wc -l
$ grep '  gi' history.txt | grep master | wc -l

Default branch name representation in shell history. main: 29, master: 31, other git: 491, non-git: 449

(I manually verified that no command mentioned both.)

At work, I’m now working in some Git repositories that use main as the name of the default branch. The team I’m in is using GitHub, which had earlier switched over their default for new repositories.

I do most of my Git stuff on the command line, so here’s a look at the adoption, quantized by statistical data from a snapshot of my shell history taken today. I’ll call out the following:

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