Brands in the bathroom


Bearer Brand Stealthiness
Faucet Sloan
Soap dispenser Sloan Jansan
Soap Sloan HEALTHMINDER ★★★★★
Hand dryer XLERATOR  
Fluorescent lights GE ★★★
Paper towel dispenser Georgia-Pacific Pro enMotion
Paper towel disposal bag Natur-Bag ★★★★
Stall lock Global ★★
Toilet American Standard ★★
Toilet flusher Sloan HE Royal ★★
Seat protector Boardwalk ★★★
Fire alarm Wheelock ★★

If you see the same brands in the bathroom, then probabilistically you work in the same building as me.

My last post was about either “Enjoy” and other words to use when you’re warned not to advise your customers to eat or drink your products or Pandora’s track title display. Find out which.