Why my monitor went black


Just now while using my browser, my monitor went black for a few seconds.

My monitor went black because my monitor had to reboot itself or something.

My monitor rebooted itself because my computer informed it that it was now displaying a video, as opposed to a desktop program.

My computer knew that because my browser was aware that the page I just opened contained HTML5 video.

My computer was able to communicate this because I connected my monitor with an HDMI cable.

My computer believed it should perform these actions because the video driver was set to automatically report what was on screen.

The video driver was set to do that because it was reset to its default settings.

The video driver was reset to its default settings because a new version of it was installed.

A new version of the video driver was installed because it became available through Windows Update.

It’s bad that navigating a web site can make your monitor go black.

If you don’t want your monitor to go black when you visit a page with video, and it’s too much trouble to get a different monitor, and it’s too much trouble to connect your monitor some other way, and you can’t convince Microsoft not to have mandatory driver updates, and you can’t convince Nvidia to retain preferences through driver updates, then you’re just going to have to change that setting back.

Set 'Content type reported to the display' to 'Desktop programs' in 'Adjust desktop color settings' in the NVIDIA control panel.

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