Cloud services, summer 2016



Koding is shutting down their Solo product. Earlier, they had stopped new registrations, but wrote in their blog that Solo users would be able to keep their VM and work on it as usual. Recently, they emailed Solo users that they’re turning off the Solo product after all. That means no more free VMs for developers, and users will instead have to rent VMs directly from companies like AWS. In the aforementioned blog post, they reported that it was too hard to deal with users abusing the free VMs.


Microsoft is reducing the storage capacity of free accounts. Previously, it was easy to get as much as 30 GB for free. Soon, they will only offer 5 GB for free. In an FAQ sent with the notice of the reduction, they admitted that they overcommitted with their free storage limits.

The notice also said that they are offering a free year of Office 365, which comes with 1 TB of OneDrive storage, to users who were using more than 5 GB. I haven’t received my offer yet.


Heroku has changed the allowances for free accounts. Previously, free apps could run up to two dynos for up to 18 hours per day. Under the new “flexible free dyno hours,” all apps on an account share 550 free dyno hours per month. (18 hours a day over a 31-day month is 558 hours.)

The announcement of the flexible free dyno hours also said that they are granting up to 2,500 free dyno hours for users who used more than the quota’s worth of dyno hours on free apps before the announcement. I didn’t qualify for additional free dyno hours.

My last post was about either Android Doze inconveniences or Snap package internals. Find out which.