The awkward browsing game


On an Android phone with Google services, you can go into the system settings, hit “About phone,” “Legal information,” and “Google legal” to get to a little web view. The goal of what I’ve dubbed “the awkward browsing game” is to navigate this web view to some other destination site.

To get you started off, here’s how to reach Reddit, the self proclaimed front page of the internet. First click “English” to get to a proper page of legalese. Scroll to the bottom and click “About Google” to start breaking out of the Google legal zone. Scroll to the bottom again and click “Blogs and Social Media.” Now, find the “Research Blog” item and click it. Page through until you see A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Neural Networks from September 22, 2015. Go to that post, and there’ll be a link to “Ask Me Anything on Reddit.” That takes you to a post on Reddit, and you can click the “reddit” logo to get to the index.

Now, you could just have clicked the Google logo to get to the search engine. Tapping the search bar doesn’t open the keyboard, but you can long-press and paste anything. Let’s just consider that to be cheating.

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